Valday Forest

Eastern European Russia

Valday Iversky Monastery

Valday forest

The Valday forest in Russia has the typical vegetation of birches and different evergreen trees as the pine cedar. The dimension of the territories and the nature in Russia are something unusual for people of western countries. They are always surprised to find  immense spaces where it is possible to travel for hours finding no houses or people around. Many villages in this areas are inhabited only in summer as holiday houses. About the 90 % of the territory is covered by forest.

Valday Forest

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Valday Forest


We have track in history of Valday Forest because the Mongols hordes turn back when they where advancing toward Novgorod in 1238.

An important step pf the area it was the foundation in 1653 of the Valday Iversky Monastery that became an important cultural center of Russia. The Monastery is a Russian Orthodox structure founded in 1653 by Patriarch Nikon and placed on a Island near the city of Valday. In the 17th century the monastery had a strong cultural influence being also one of first printing institution after the Moscow Print Yard.  After the October revolution the monastery become a labour cooperative and then in 1927 was abolished. Its reopening it is only from 1991.

Valday Forest

During winter the Valday forest assumes an amazing mysterious attraction. The silence, the beauty of the red colour of tree in the pure withe background, the perfume of the resin in a no limits territory make the place magic.

A walk in the forest in the silence it is something special.

Valday Forest

The Valday Forest  is located half way between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the countryside near Bologoye city. The area it is not far from the Volga basin and it is rich of wild animals as elks, deers, wild boar, wolves, birds and many others typical of the Russian forest.

Many fingerprints of them are quite easy to be visible on the snow during winter and they can cross your roads while walking in the forest.